Medical Photography

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medical photography

Medical Photography

Medical Photography for UK Optical equipment manufacturer. Keeler Optical develop leading eye testing equipment. They are based in Surrey.

We were featuring lifestyle models in the new brochure. Shown using the latest technology in a clinical environment.

Keeler & the Design Agency needed the medical photography to still have atmosphere. Their products would be dropped into a white background. But their lead page images needed a more creative edge. Still using a white background, but with a little more shadow and depth.

They will also feature in a new trade press advertising campaign.

Using Lifestyle Models with Medical Photography


We shot the models on location in Cardiff Optical training university. This was perfect. We could set the products up, and use the students to demonstrate. Medical photography needs to very precise. Having the equipment positioned and used correctly is key. Optical Instruments and precise adjustment of model poses can be tricky. A lot of “focus” needed to show the equipment, usage and model in the right composition lighting. Longer than normal for most product photography. But we got there in the end.

Besides that, we also needed a close-up macro eye image. They would use for the cover. It needed to be well focused, sharp & detailed. Images will be projected onto the eye later.

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