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Hotel Interiors Photography shoot for  Champneys.  The UK leading Health Spa Resort. This is to be used for the editorial section of their Spa & Health Magazine ” Escape”. And for Champneys Hotel Brochures.

hotel interiors photography  hotel interiors photography

Champneys Brand Identity is strong and luxurious. They invest in beautiful photography of their Hotel & Spa to highlight this.


interior cool design photographer professional interiors photography for champneys

The task: Hotel Interiors Photography of the Resorts accommodation. Then i was to cover the spa, dining & health & fitness facilities. Staying within their strong brand guidelines. The brief was very precise & detailed. We were working to a very tight schedule. I loved having such precise guidelines. This helps keep the photographic style consistent. It also made creative decisions a lot faster.

hotel accommodation photographer cafe interior at champneys spa

 Importantly, the Hotel lifestyle photography needed to focus on little details. The type of detail that set Champneys apart.

Champneys were great to work with. A highly professional client. They knew exactly what they wanted. The organised marketing team were great. This helped the shoot run smoothly & on schedule. Tight scheduling when shooting in a Hotel environment is so important. Not disturbing guests who are there to relax.

fitness equipment photography beauty therapy prospectus photography

As a Hotel Interiors Photographer and Gym interiors Photographer it was fun to be able to combine both in one shoot.