SPA Hotel Photography

By September 7, 2017 News
spa hotel photography Surrey

Spa Hotel Photography

It may seem the dream shoot. Luxury Spa Hotel photography. But mostly its very hot & steamy. So I spend much of my time, trying to protect equipment. Digital equipment ceases if steam reaches the electrics. Lenses constantly mist & have connection problems. However its the steamy atmosphere I,m trying to capture.

Also often you need to shoot at night. Protecting the privacy of guests and ensuring a clear venue. When I’m shooting at night, extra lighting equipment is needed (more electrics to protect). Therefore its fun but tricky!

Eastwell Manor Spa Hotel Photography

Eastwell Manor in Kent, was acquired by Champneys Health Spa Resorts. They have invested highly in refurbishing. Their new Hotel Spa is stunning. And so popular only one week after opening, we needed to book a night shoot to avoid the many guests being disturbed.

luxury spa photography

Their Spa was entirely renovated. It’s stylish interior design throughout. I found it hard to know where to start. Luxurious fixtures & fittings endless. They were all superbly fitted. Despite its challenges I always enjoy Hotel SPA photography, but this was a gem. Staying at Eastwell Manor when next in Kent in on my list. And I’ll definitely be using their spa.

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