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 Spa Photography

london interiors photographer for hotelsprofessional spa photography for luxury European spa resort

health resort photographerSpa Photography for Health Resorts

Forestmere Health Spa Resort by Champneys is one of my favourite Champney Resorts. On the Sussex, Surrey boarders. Set in woodlands, overlooking a stunning lake.

Tasked with shooting the amazing new outdoor Hydro pool, Steam /Sauna & Spa area. As well as gorgeous refurbished bedroom suites. Conducting a recce the day before, makes a big difference & cuts down planning time on the shoot-day. ( this is work i assure you ;-). It helps me identify & discuss the key points the client needs to prioritise. Identify areas that maximise natural light. Others that might need some extra lighting. With interior photography, its easy to get hung up on “correct” angles. Approaching as an architectural photographer and missing the ambience. Hotels are not necessarily wanting that exact an interpretation for all images. They maybe need some that create atmosphere & vibe. Discussing the “mood-board” beforehand, keeps both the photographer & clients clear vision & focus for the photoshoot.

luxury hotel interior photography resortsLighting for Spa Interiors

Lighting for Spa Photography. Observing environments & how light moves throughout the day is key. Architects & interior designers have put a lot of thought into complementing interiors with creative lighting. Its important the images reflect that. Stunning results playing off water, steam, spa materials, mixed with a touch of extra photographic lighting can create that “magic”. I like to make time to prioritise these extra shots, which can be easily missed on a jammed pack shoot schedule. ( & trying to work around guest access hours)Stunning health resort photography

Luxury Health-Resort Design

Creating a Luxury brand is about many things. Hotels biggest budget is spent on luxury interior refurbishment. Using a Professional Hotel Photographer that delivers good quality lighting for high resolution images is part of that team. Whether rich luxurious furnishings or healthy fresh spa facilities. Great service or award winning food. Highlighting these points with beautifully lit photography, is the final services for luxury hotel accomodation

small boutique hotel photographyHotel Photographic brand guidelines.

Creating strong photographic brand guidelines is key. What style & message the images convey. Is it high level prime luxury or quiet understated luxury, Comfort/family orientated or romantic get-away? Photographic lighting & compositions that reflect your style.

Variety Of Images

Mixing wide good quality establishing shots, with smaller lifestyle photography to create the “magic moments. Keeping imagery consistent. Library edits: Over the last few years the mixing of styles & dated photography has created for some brands a problem. Editing out bad images is good practice. Photographers have to keep up to date galleries if they want to stay current. Whether that be interiors, lifestyle, food or beverage. Creating a consistency & staying current for all of us, is more important than ever.


I work with large resorts as well as small boutique hotels. I have also worked to create photographic brand guidelines, that hotels can continue to use. Covering interiors as well as lifestyle. I can usually make most budgets work. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss a project.

Photography for Luxury Hotel suites

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