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Luxury Spa Photography

Champneys Health Spa Photography

Forestmere Hotel. Forestmere is my favourite Champneys Resort. Based in Liphook, Sussex, Surrey boarders. Set in woodlands, overlooking a stunning lake.

Tasked with shooting the amazing new outdoor Hydro pool and refurbished suites. I like to stay the day before. ( this is work i assure you ;-). It helps me identify the key points from a guest’s perspective. As an interiors photographer, its easy to get hung up on “correct” angles. Approaching as an architectural photographer and missing the ambience. Spa Photography is about observing the environment & light throughout the day, helps pick out unique perspectives. Qualities guests enjoy and prioritising details that might be missed on a busy shoot schedule.

Luxury Hotel suite champneysAtmospheric: Creating ambience.

Creating a Luxury brand is about many things. Professional Hotel Photography should reflect this. Whether rich luxurious furnishings or healthy spa facilities. Great service or award winning food. Highlighting these points. Creating strong photographic brand guidelines is key. Capturing the Resort, Spa or Hotel but keeping imagery consistent. And whatever the message, not mixing the “style” of photography. Creating a luxury quality brand.


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Luxury spa interiors

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