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Luxury Care Home Photography.

Care Home Photography has come a long way in a short time. It needs to. With hundreds of new homes springing up, competition is fierce. These days Care Home Interiors are more akin to 5 star hotels. So the photography needs to reflect this.

kingsclear caring homes care home

Kingsclear Care Home : Surrey

Kingsclear is stunning. As luxury Carehome photography, this is one of the best i’ve shot . A brand new care home in leafy Surrey. I was blown away by the incredible interior design. However even more amazed the owner of the Care Home group, does it all herself. Whilst luxurious furnishings, still warm & welcoming. No end of rich colors, fabrics and clever lighting, creating a soft ambience. Each area given individual character & beautifully accessorised.

I could spend hours hanging out in the cafe area. Costa & Starbucks have got nothing on Kingsclear.


reception bar area of carehome    luxurious seating area & pillows

Care Home Photography Lifestyle.

Rather than shooting every room. I wanted to concentrate on creating atmosphere. Bring a sense of moving through the day. Whether lunch time coffee or winding down in the evening by the fireplace. Showing a beautiful care home lifestyle. One where you can spoil yourself later in life.

It wasn’t hard, Kingsclear is so gorgeous, I wanted to move in!


specialist photography of care homes      care home photographer    Care home luxury fittings   photographer for retirement homes

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your Care home photography. However early in the project.