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By January 25, 2013 News
catalogue fashion photographer

Catalogue Fashion Photographer  РHigh St Retailer

Catalogue Fashion Photographer for Elizabeth Rose. A high street retailer with designs for both young and mature senior women. The fresh classic summer collections looked fantastic on experienced Elite fashion model Irena. Irena Tyshna who also perfectly captures similar qualities of being classically elegant but also having that lovely fresh outdoor natural beauty that makes her look at home in jeans & jumper as well  evening wear. A very experienced Fashion Catalogue model, Irena is so easy to work with.

The Fashion Catalogue shoot was shot on location in Kent. We were able convey a feeling of summer even though the shoot was actually taking place in december. Everyone was incredibly professional and hardworking including my photography assistant who went beyond the call of duty balancing on top of a delicate glass roofed conservatory . It really was a team effort.

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