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Fashion lifestyle photographer, can we shoot successfully all year in uk locations?

Being a Fashion lifestyle Catalogue photographer shooting catalogue & brochures on location in the UK is challenging. I shoot mainly for SME UK fashion designers, manufacturers, and Internet e-commerce or retail shops. But they do not have the budget to jet off to sunny locations, or hang around for magic hours like the big brands.

So it can be nerve racking when they have booked professional models and a photographer months in advance. Frantically checking the UK weather reports weeks before shoot, only to see cloud or rain symbols flashing up for the whole week. But the shoot still has to go ahead.

But for a UK fashion photographer shooting in these conditions, having to improvise quickly, can only enhance their location photography.

Adapting fashion Lifestyle photography situations, finding areas that shield from the worst of the weather but are still relevant. And even going with UK inclement conditions to create a charm & spirit to brochures that’s uniquely “Made in Britain” in flavour. Learning how use & direct light creatively to produce an image that is still uplifting. Bar major hurricanes or torrential downpours, working in light rain & cloud should not scare clients from using the UK locations .In fact working with bad weather has often produced some of my favourite shots. Sometimes because we have to avoid it, and create something completely different to planned. And other times going with it, using moody skylines and dramatic stormy light.

The UK is vibrant & offers countless locations with different atmospheres ideal for lower budgets. There really is no need to travel abroad.Unless of course you really do want to say Venice & you really do need a gondola!

Photographic fashion locations

Shooting around the uk. I like to use locations with character. But also venues that offer good coverage. Tenterden railway  station in Kent is just this. Amazing vintage platforms , signal station and old steam trains. The fashion lifestyle photography below was shot here.

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